Geata an Ghlas Ghaibhnigh

Monument Type


A pair of standing stones on the NE slopes of Croaghmarhin, commanding an extensive view over the crescent of lowlying land which surrounds Smerwick Harbour.
The stones, set 4.15m apart in a NE-SW line, stand at opposite sides of the E-W running field wall into which they are incorporated. The NE stone is 2.77m high and measures 1.2m x at least .4m at base; the SW stone is .25m higher, and measures 1.3m x at least .5m at base.

Teampall na Cille

Monument Type

The similarity of the Romanesque church at Kilmalkedar to Cormac's chapel at Cashel has been commented on by Leask (1955, 123) who suggests a date shortly after 1134 for the erection of the smaller edifice. Comparative features include the tympanum on the W doorway and the blind arcading in the nave as well as common ornametal motifs.
The present remains, situated near the E end of the graveyard, consist of a nave and chancel, the latter a subsequent addition replacing the original altar recess.

St. Brendan's Oratory

Monument Type

St. Brendan's oratory: This rectangular oratory, 7.25m x 5.05m externally, is situated on the S slopes of Reenconnell ridge, c. 400m to NW of the Romanesque church at Kilmalkedar (KE042-026008-). The irregular pattern of the field boundaries in the vicinity of the site suggests that it may originally have been surrounded by an enclosure greater in extent than the present walled area. The site is now a National Monument and an archway has been inserted in the interior to counteract the inward sag of the side walls.