Lateeve Cross

Description: Templenacloonagh/Teampall na Cluanach: Sub-rectangular enclosure KE042-113001- lies on a very gentle WNW facing slope and commands a good clear view in all directions, particularly NW to Smerwick Harbour. Within it can be seen the remains of an oratory, a 2nd building which is possibly a church, and 2 possible hut sites.
Leachts: Centrally positioned in the S half of the enclosure are 2 parallel mounds of stone, including a large quantity of quartz. The W mound measures 5.5m N-S x 2.5m E-W x .6m in height and its W limit is marked by the 2 cross-inscribed stones and by a single course of stone facing. The E mound measures 5.25m N-S x 3.5m E-W x .6m in height.

Lateeve 1


Photos taken on 5th June 2017, at about 3.00 p.m.
Weather cloudy and rather dull.
Camera: Nokia Lumia 1020 phone.
49 photos but 6 disregarded by program.

Site recorded by Helene Brennan.