St. John's Well/Tobar Eoin: Located in the backyard of a dwelling-house on The Mall in Dingle town. The small spring well was provided with a modern concrete cover which has now been broken up. A small pillar stone stands at the NW side of the well. It measures .41m high, .2m wide and .11m thick and bears an inscribed Latin cross on its N face. The shaft of the cross terminates at base with a down-turned arc and the arms have expanded terminals.
The initials FD have been carved beneath the cross in fairly recent times. Rounds were formerly made here on the 24th of June. An ogham stone was apparently discovered in an adjacent wall and removed to near the railway station (Curran) but nothing more is known of this. Ó Danachair (1960, 73) was informed that it was the cross-slab that bore the ogham inscription but there are no traces of any scores on the stone.
The above description is derived from J. Cuppage, ‘Corca Dhuibhne. Dingle Peninsula archaeological survey. Ballyferriter. Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne’ (1986), no. 934.

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St. John's Well

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