Baile an Reannaigh I

BAILE AN REANNAIGH, currently situated at Chute Hall in the townland of Tullygarran.

Cillvickillane/Cill Mhic Uíleáin: A storm at the end of the 18th century exposed 7 ogham stones, a possible fragment of an 8th ogham stone, a cross-inscribed stone, a number of graves and quantities of bone, and the ruins of several houses (Windele 1838, 145).


​​​​​​​Windele's sketch of the site shows the ogham stones set out in a rough semi-circle on top of the mound with a slab-lined grave positioned nearby. Lord Ventry removed 6 of the ogham stones from the site in the mid-19th century; nos. 1 to 4 now line the driveway to Burnham House/Colaiste Íde (KE053-012004-, KE053-012005-, KE053-012006-, KE053-012007-), between Dingle and Ventry; nos. 5 and 6 are preserved in the grounds of Chute Hall (KE027-132----, KE027-241----) near Tralee and no. 7 remains at the original site (KE042-057003-).
The present location of this stone is at Chute Hall in the townland of Tullygarran and its monument number at that location is KE027-132----. This stone stands 0.96m high and is 0.51m wide at base narrowing to 0.18m at the top. Parts of the inscription have worn away and it is now difficult to reconstruct. Macalister (1945, 147) read it as: LUBBAIS MAQQI DUN....S, although his earlier reading (1897, 29-30) was: G[E]BB[AI]S MAQQ[I T]AN[AI]S. He explains his reading of initial G as L saying that two scores on either side of the arris represent an error correction (D mistakenly carved for L). (Cuppage 1986, no. 792 (No. 5))



Exposed by a storm at the end of the 18th century, along with 6 other ogham stones (Cuppage 1986, 250). Townland of Ballinrannig and barony of Corkaguiney. (GPS coordinates -10.388106, 52.178511)


Find location probably original site.


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