Áth na gCeap

Lisnakilla/Lios na Cille: A large subrectangular enclosure situated less than 1km N of Anascaul, on a NE facing slope about 200m W of the Owenascaul river.
The foundations of several rectangular house sites lie within the enclosure but there is no visible trace of the souterrain (KE044-065007-) which was discovered many years ago in the SW sector (local information).


Ogham stone: This was bought by UCC in 1940 from Mr. Garret Fitzgerald and its provenance was given as Parkalassa Fort, Annagap (UCC).

No ringfort in the townland is known by this name but the N half of Lisnakilla was owned by Mr. Fitzgerald and the present landowner confirms that it was from here that the ogham stone originally came.
The stone is currently in Cork Public Museum (Ref. L188; see CO074-178----). It measures .3 x .1m x .04m thick and is broken at both ends.
The inscription reads: TA)Q MAQ(I... Only the first 2 scores of the I remain and that portion of the stone which bore the first 2 letters (Macalister 1945, 139) is now missing.

(Cuppage 1986, no. 811)

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