An Baile Riabhach

The early ecclesiastical site of Teampall Mhancháin (Templemanaghan), also known as Teampall Geal, has a commanding view across Dingle Harbour.An Baile Riabhach

The remains consist of a dry-stone oratory (standing to a height of 2.75 m in places), the foundations of some dry-stone huts, a souterrain, a burial ground and the remains of a sub-circular enclosure.

An Teampall Geal

There are several cross-inscribed boulders and small slabs standing in the burial ground and in front of the oratory is a large ogham-inscribed pillar'.







Traditionally regarded as marking the grave of St. Manchan, this stone stands c. 1.75m high and is .56m wide at base. The ogham inscrits NE angle reads: QENILOCI MAQI MAQI-AINIA MUC(....
There is no trace whatsoever of the inscription in half uncial script which Macalister (1945, 163-4) noted beside the ogham inscription and which, according to him, read: FECT QUENILOC. The E face of the stone bears a plain equal-armed cross. A roughly equal-armed cross on the W face has an expanded terminal to its upper arm. A notch on the N angle of the stone may formerly have been a circular hole.

Note that the 3d scan of this stone showed no trace of this grafitto.


Up. 'The top has been broken and battered away... So far as it goes the inscription is perfectly clear, though some of the vowels are damaged' (Macalister 1945, 163). This reading was confirmed on inspection of the 3d data. Regarding the C of MUC[OI], three of the four scores are visible on the 3d model.





'of Cellach son of Mac-Áine? descendant of?'

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