Cathair na gCat

Cahernagat/Cathair na gCat: A small, circular cashel KE042-093---- situated on the lower, SSE facing slopes of Croaghmarhin. In the interior are the remains of 2 stone huts, a souterrain and an ogham stone.


​​​​​​​Ogham Stone: This lies loose on the surface of the cashel, in the vicinity of the souterrain. It was discovered within the cashel in 1855 by Rev. James Goodman (Hitchcock 1856, 439-41). Curran (no. 14) was informed by Goodman's family that the stone had been found acting as the entrance lintel to the souterrain.

Ferguson (1887, 39) stated that it had been found in an adjoining killeen but this is not consistent with the various other accounts of its provenance. The stone was smashed into 3 pieces in the 1880's and one fragment was lost. The 2 fragments visible today measure 1.81m overall and the inscription reads: TOGITTACC MAQI SAGARET(TOS). The last 3 letters were carved on the missing fragment, but there is no disagreement between the readings by Du Noyer (Antiquarian Sketches, 1, 28), Hitchcock, Brash (1879, 220) and Ferguson.

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