Lios an Phúca

Standing beside a woodland path on the W bank of the Laune River to the SE of Beaufort House. This is the present location of an ogham stone found near Camp (KE036-083----), on the Dingle peninsula, about the middle of the 19th century.


It stands 1.25m high and is .48m wide x .2m thick and is currently orientated NS. A perforation near the top of the stone suggests that it may at one time have functioned as a gatepost. The surface of the stone is very rough and the inscription, particularly the vowels, is not easy to read. Macalister (1945, 169, no. 177) interpreted it as:
Traces of a 2nd inscription are discernible near the top of one of the opposite angles.
The letters ANI remain.

(Cuppage 1986, no. 801)

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