An Chúil Thoir


Cool East

Marked on the OS maps as 'Gallaun', this ogham stone is located on a natural terrace on the lower SW slopes of Geokaun hill, Valencia Island, from which commanding views may be had to S and W.
A second ogham stone stands 400m to NE in Kildreenagh ecclesiastical site (KE078-009004-).
Of irregular elevation, this large stone rises to a maximum height of 2.4m, measures .77m x .45m at base and is aligned NNW-SSE. It inclines somewhat to NE and carries the inscription along its SE angle.

Macalister's revised reading (1945, 226-7) of this is: . . . ]ERRLONNA MAQI R[U]T[E]N[I]

The very weathered and uneven surface of the stone detracts from the general clarity of the inscription. The first stroke of the L is unclear, as is the final stroke of the second N.
The next character appears to be M rather than A. Only two notches of the first I are discernible, and the first stroke of the third R is incomplete.
​​​​​​​The first stroke of the T and the final E and I are doubtful.

The above description is derived from A. O'Sullivan and J. Sheehan (compilers), 'The Iveragh peninsula: an archaeological survey of South Kerry'. Cork University Press (1996), no. 912.

In certain instances the entries have been revised and updated in the light of recent research.

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