An Cnoc Breac

KNOCKBRACK (Magunihy By.)

Scheduled for inclusion in the next revision of the RMP: Yes



In pasture, on a SSE-facing slope, just N of a small stream. An irregular shaped rock outcrop (2.3m E-W; 2.1m N-S; H 0.55m) which tilts to the W, is situated on the NW side of a slight mound (6.1m N-S; 4.8m E-W) (Archaeological Survey Unit, UCC).
There is extensive rock art (KE047-105----) on the upper and eastern faces, while the W face is blank. The ogham inscription is 'on a natural ridge on the top of the broad face' (Moore in Condit and Corlett 2005, 23).
The only plausible reading requires inversion of the H and B series of letters.
It then reads from R to L: SE..MAC..QENIAECE....A.......S.
​​​​​​​The scores (L 7cm; T 1cm) and notches (L 3cm) are cut deeply into the rock, with 1cm between each.
​​​​​​​A possible standing stone (KE047-106----) is c. 150m to the S. (Moore in Condit and Corlett 2005, 21- 36)

Compiled by: Nora White

Date of upload: 25 January 2017

References: ? 1. Condit, T. and Corlett, C. (eds) 2005 Above and beyond: essays in memory of Leo Swan. Wicklow. Wordwell.

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