An Cnoc Breac

​​​​​​​Class: Rock art

Townland: KNOCKBRACK (Magunihy By.)

Scheduled for inclusion in the next revision of the RMP: Yes

Description: In improved pasture (21m OD), upon a low lying area, at base of a S-facing slope; Stream is c. 75m to S. In valley of River Maine with excellent views of Gap of Dunloe to S and MacGillycuddy's Reeks to SW. A smooth and fractured sandstone (dims. 3.6m E-W; 1.2m N-S) which is irregular in plan and is just above the existing ground level. It has a subrectangular decorated surface (dims. 1.55m E-W; 0.7m N-S) which is generally flat with a very slight N-facing tilt. The motifs are in a reasonably good condition and consist of a number of decorative elements. There are at least fourteen cupmarks (5-6cm; Dth 4-5mm) distributed across the stone.

Knockbrack Rock Art

There are three cup-and-one ring motifs: The smallest cup-and-ring motif (overall dims. 14cm x 11cm; cup diam. 4.5cm; D 3mm; ring Wth 2-2.5cm; D 2mm) and the largest cup-and-ring motif (overall dims. 20cm x 18cm; cup diam. 5cm; D 4mm; ring Wth 2cm; D 2mm). Possibly a very faint outline of a fourth, larger cup-and-ring motif adjacent to W. Rock art (KE047-105----) is c. 2.6m to S.

Compiled by: Alison McQueen and Vera Rahilly

Date of upload: 17 July 2017

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