An Eaglais

Aglish church (KE054-032001-) and graveyard (KE054-032002-):
A cross-inscribed ogham stone, now in the NMI, was removed from the site in the mid-19th century and this 2nd ogham stone remains standing beside one of the tombs.​​​​​​​


This stone measures .9m in height x .25m in width. The ogham inscription which occupies the NW angle was read by Maclister (1945, 138, no. 142) as: CELI AVI VU... None of the vowels of Macalister's reading are clear.

The single score on the H-side at the end of the inscription where the stone is broken, could be the first score of a D, T, C or Q. Macalister also noted some ogham scores on the NE angle but these are no longer discernible. (Cuppage 1986, no. 810)

This stone has been studied as part of the 'Ogham in 3D' project undertaken by the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. To access details go to the following website:
Compiled by: Nora White



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